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Dating back to the 13th century, Hever Castle was once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and Mother of Elizabeth I and formed the unlikely backdrop to a sequence of tumultuous events that changed the course of Britain’s history, monarchy and religion.

Its splendid panelled rooms contain fine furniture, tapestries, antiques and an important collection of Tudor portraits regarded as ‘one of the best collections of Tudor portraits after the National Portrait Gallery’ by David Starkey. Two beautifully illuminated prayer books on display in the Book of Hours Room belonged to Anne Boleyn and bear her inscriptions and signature. One is believed to be the prayer book Anne took with her to her execution at the Tower.

The charming castle at Hever has a rich and varied history. Today much of what you see is the result of the remarkable efforts of a wealthy American, William Waldorf Astor, who used his fortune to restore and extend the Castle in the early 20th century. A section of the Castle is dedicated to its more recent history, containing pictures and memorabilia relating to the Astor family and the Edwardian period.

Despite its splendour, Hever Castle is what every child wants a castle to be: crenellated, moated, haunted, with lots of armour and gruesome torture devices. A permanent exhibition in the Long Gallery brings the 16th century to life with costumed figures illustrating key events in Anne’s life at the Castle.

When visiting the Castle we recommend you allow at least an hour to enjoy it. Final entry to the Castle is 1 hour before the grounds close and final exit is 15 minutes before they close. View opening times.


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The original medieval defensive castle with its gatehouse and walled bailey was built in 1270. In the 15th and 16th centuries the Bolyens added the Tudor dwelling within the walls. The Castle was then owned by a number of families before William Waldorf Astor invested time, money and imagination in restoring the Castle, building the ’Tudor Village’ and creating the gardens and lake.


Discover the history of Hever Castle, its owners and inhabitants as you travel through time from its construction in 1270 to the present day.


Uncover more about the 13 different families that have owned Hever Castle from 1270 to the present day. See the stained glass created to commemorate them.


Learn more about the Hever Castle and Gardens coat of arms and the 4 families represented in it who helped to shape the estate we see today.

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