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If you are planning to visit Hever Castle for the tulips we want you to know what has bloomed and what has not! Therefore, we have set up this news page. We will continue to update this page with photographs so you can decide when you would like to visit the tulips.

Before booking, we advise that you read the Know Before you Go information that provides full details of what will be open and closed.

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Photographed on 09/05/2022:

The majority of the tulips are now past their best, but there are still a few varieties of tulips to be discovered in the gardens.

Photographed on 04/05/2022:

Photographed on 28/04/2022:

Photographed on 23/04/2022:

Photographed on 19/04/2022:

Photographed on 13/04/2022:

Photographed on 31/03/2022:

Although Hever Castle’s Tulip event Tulip Celebrations is not until the 19 – 24 April, the first tulips have been spotted in the gardens. The Pompeiian Wall is quite the sun trap so you can already see clusters of tulips in the Italian Garden. We will keep you posted as more tulips appear.

Photographed on 24/03/2022:

Always check details before travelling. Hever Castle reserves the right to close all or part of the Castle, grounds, catering outlets and activities, and to change or cancel and events. Please note that use of partner offers may be restricted or not valid on event days.

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