Arches – Tudor Tuesdays

January 11 2022 | Castle History

The theme for this week’s #TudorTuesdays with Historic Houses is arches.

Hever Castle has two archways with rich history which visitors to the Castle can see.

An original medieval timber arch can be seen in the doorway to the screens passage, leading to the Great Hall.

This would have been the original door into the house and it is beautifully decorated.

For an external door, it is in remarkably good condition and it features beautifully carved trefoils in the arches’ spandrels.

To add comfort to their house, the Entrance Hall was added to the 15th century Manor House in c.1506 by Thomas Boleyn, Anne Boleyn’s father.

When entering the Castle at Hever, visitors are greeted with the splendour of the Inner Hall, with stunning Italianate walnut panelling and a host of Tudor portraiture.

This sumptuous decor belies the rooms original use in the time of the Boleyns, when it functioned as their Great Kitchen.

As part of former owner William Waldorf Astor’s renovations of the castle, sculptor William Silver Frith travelled the country to find original Tudor features to decorate the famous castle.

He decorated the gallery above the hall with a series of arches which were inspired by the rood screen at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge. This rood screen had been installed by King Henry VIII for his second Queen, Anne Boleyn. It was an apt addition to the castle, being Anne’s childhood home.

Astor also created the stunning Italian Garden in the grounds to house his collection of statues and sculptures and visitors to the Loggia can marvel at the spectacular archways.

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