Jousting at Hever Castle

January 26 2024 | What's on

The much anticipated Hever Castle Jousting Tournament returns this summer. The Knights of Royal England will battle it out once more, delighting the crowds with their showmanship and one-to-one combat on foot and in the saddle.

Jousting tournaments take place throughout the summer at Hever Castle on:

July: 13 & 14, 20 & 21, 27 & 28
August: 10 & 11, 17 & 18, 23 – 26, 31
September: 1

Hever Castle Jousting – The Competitors

This year there will be 6 knights competing for the Champions Trophy, each week there will be four of the knights in full combat.

Sir Sam of Hever: Blue team leader and the current Champion knight, he has been jousting in the fully competitive jousting season since he was 16, a very experienced horseman and an awesome combatant on foot when he picks up his sword. Now in his 17th full season as a premier league jouster Sir Sam is a Hever favourite and a dangerous and fearsome opponent.

Sir Damian of Sussex: With many years of jousting and trick riding experience under his belt this local knight should not be underestimated. He is an excellent horseman, and his quiet demeanour can lull his opponent into a false sense of security and then you will fall into his trap (and find yourself knocked off your horse and eating grass and dirt)!

Lord Ashley of Hampshire: Red team leader, riding his favourite destrier Jerezana, he is a very capable horse rider, and his agility makes him a tricky opponent to fight against. Both horse and knight are very resilient and powerful on the tilt, Lord Ashley packs a strong right arm and can unseat his opponent with his amazingly fast horse and deadly accuracy with the lance. His favourite weapon is the sword.

Sir Paul of Anjou: a fellow red knight and again a knight of vast experience. Paul, from a little town way up in the North is a fearsome competitor and jouster. Sir Paul is a dark horse and will surprise everyone by scoring lots of points just when you think he is beaten, he is a strong contender for the Champion knight trophy. Riding his tricky young Spanish horse Campeon he is a great jouster and excellent rider.

Sir Matthew of Castille: Fresh back from the Crusades with lots of combat experience; Sir Matthew is a clean cut, well spoken, young knight, he is theatrical, mild mannered, very hard to knock down and even harder to keep him down!  He loves riding Fabuloso the big black gelding, and has the knack of always hitting his opponent, sometimes really hard. His favourite weapon is the poleaxe.

Sir Jasper: Taking a bit of a back seat nowadays, Sir Jasper is leaving a lot of the action to the young knights. He has competed in over 3,000 tournaments since 1975, all over the World. He is ever present at the Jousts and offers help to his favourites but is still ready to antagonise the rest, mainly the Blue team.