Autumn Colour: How to make an autumn leaf sun catcher

September 26 2022 | Garden What's on



As part of Autumn Colour this year younger visitors are being invited hunt for some leaves in the grounds and follow our template to make an Autumn leaf sun catcher at home.

Here is how you do it:

1. Collect your leaves at Hever Castle & Gardens – selecting the most interesting shapes and your favourite coloured leaves.

2. Dry the leaves at home; either by pressing for a couple or weeks or using the microwave. Place between two sheets of kitchen towel and weigh this down carefully with a microwavable plate, then heat for 20 seconds and check. If the leaves are okay, heat for a further 10 seconds. Once cooled, you can use your leaves to create an autumn sun catcher.

3. You will need either wax paper or tissue paper, glue, and scissors.

4. Using our template cut out the two rings of card, and 2 circles of wax paper or tissue paper then stick the first ring of card to the tissue paper.

5. Next, arrange your leaves in your chosen design, then take a second circle of tissue paper, cover it thinly in glue, then lay this (like a window) over the top of your design and gently press down to secure the leaves in place.

6. Finally, take your second cardboard ring and place this as a frame over the top of the tissue paper sandwich and voila – you have an autumn leaf sun catcher!


October is a wonderful month to visit the gardens at Hever Castle to enjoy the sight of ruby red rose hips. Rose hips are high in vitamin c and are known to be fantastic for arthritis and pain. Use this online guide to make rose hip tea.

The Castle is arguably at its romantic best in the autumn when the Boston Ivy adorning the front of the Castle turns a vivid shade of red. You will be treated to glorious displays of autumn colour with the rich yellow, red and orange leaves of beech mingling with liquidambars, tulip trees and Japanese maples, all contributing to an explosion of colour.

Throughout Autumn Colour, Hever Castle’s Head Gardener Neil Miller and his team will be hosting weekly workshops on Wednesday 5, 12 and 19 October. There will be a different focus each week and you can learn about container gardens, the trees found on the Estate, plus enjoy guided tours.

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