Find out more about a Paracise™ class

April 17 2019 | Golf



Paracise ™ is among the classes on offer at the new Wellbeing Centre at Hever Castle Golf Club.

Paracise ™ is a gentle but effective workout designed to improve mobility, flexibility and balance.

All classes are 45 minutes of standing exercises to uplifting music, focusing on breathing, posture and balance.

Paracise ™ was devised by Sarah Goldsack following a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. As an exercise instructor herself, she designed the programme as she discovered there was little on offer for those who find regular classes too demanding or who had not exercised for a while or who were coming back from injury.

There are now Paracise ™ classes across the UK.

Sharon Millar runs the Paracise ™ class in the Studio at Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing at 9.30am on Mondays.

She says: “I have always been interested in movement and dance having done ballet for many years. I started teaching exercise to music to adults over 25 years ago and my first Paracise ™ class was in September last year. I’d had a break from teaching when I had my daughter but really missed it. I discovered Paracise ™ by chance but as soon as I had spoken to Sarah Goldsack, the creator of Paracise ™ I knew it was what I wanted to teach.

“I love the fact that Paracise ™ is accessible to so many, it is also fun and I try to make my classes as welcoming as possible as it can be a daunting experience coming to a class for the first time. Since my first class last year I am now teaching Paracise ™ classes in Chipstead, Tonbridge and Hever.”

Hever Castle Health & Wellbeing opened in April offering a range of treatments including osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage as well as yoga, pilates and Paracise ™ classes.

The centre, which is being run by Hever Health Ltd, will be available for golf members, visitors and members of the public.