Refurbishment set for Guthrie Pavilion cafe

October 11 2022 | Eat

The current Guthrie Pavilion cafe


Customers visiting Hever Castle in 2023 can enjoy food and drink in the newly refurbished Guthrie Pavilion café.

The Guthrie Pavilion is undergoing a facelift while Hever Castle is closed in January 2023 to make it more relaxing and inviting.

The café in the Italian Garden not only offers refreshments to visitors but also hosts group lunches, weddings and corporate events.

The Guthrie Pavilion set up for a wedding


The elegant café with a Lakeside backdrop was transformed when the current owners, the Guthrie family bought Hever Castle and increasing visitor numbers have meant the facility is in need of a refurbishment.

As part of the refit a new counter will be put in to ensure a better customer experience.

A screen behind the counter will display food and drink options in order to reduce the need to regularly print new information.

Other green initiatives in the new café include better bins to segregate waste and recycling and artificial plants. Some of the furniture and current fittings will be repurposed.

The current colour scheme, wall hangings and statuary will remain, as will the tapestry. There will be a couple of additional paintings that will complement the colour scheme.

The wooden floor will be stripped and revarnished and plants will be added around the sides of the room, giving a bistro feel.

Later in the year there is a plan to introduce a mobile app ordering system to further improve the customer experience.

The Guthrie Pavilion is one of two cafes across the 125 acre site as well as a host of picnic spots and takeaway food options.

Local produce is used as much as possible with menus changing regularly. Water fountains are available for people to refill water bottles and discounts are available for those bringing a reusable cup for hot drinks.