Guthrie – 20th and 21st centuries

The Guthries are a Yorkshire family based in Scarborough. John Guthrie, a chartered surveyor by training, chairs the private property group Broadland Properties founded in 1950. Broadlands have interests throughout Britain and Poland ranging from agricultural and sporting estates to commercial premises and developments. Broadland Properties purchased Hever Castle and its collection from the Astor family in 1983. 

Broadlands are committed to the future of the Castle and during their custodianship have invested greatly in the historical integrity of the estate. They have added to the existing art collection. In addition, Broadlands are dedicated to enhancing the visitor experience by carrying out improvements to the site. The newly renovated Guthrie Pavilion Restaurant saw the old 1970s building transformed into a modern venue in the classical style to complement the nearby Italian Gardens.

Broadlands are interested in making Hever Castle more environmentally friendly and have installed a biomass woodchip boiler which provides the estate with over 90% of its hot water and heating requirements. The 100 year old sewage system has been replaced by an ecologically sound solution. The old settling ponds have been transformed into a series of wetland habitats and lagoons that not only purify the sewage converting it to water, but also support a healthy and diverse range of wildlife.

The Castle


Uncover the history of the 14th century Castle once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Anne of Cleves, Sir John Fastolf and William Waldorf Astor.


Uncover more about the 12 different families that have owned Hever Castle from 1383 to the present day. See the stained glass created to commemorate them.


Discover the history of Hever Castle, its owners and inhabitants as you travel through time from its construction in 1383 to the present day.


Head inside the Castle and discover wood panelled rooms, roaring fireplaces and a vast collection of paintings.