Waldo – 18th and 19th centuries

Timothy Waldo purchased the Castle and 1300 acres in 1749. He was a wealthy lawyer and City merchant becoming Attorney of the King’s Bench, Solicitor in Chancery, and Liveryman and Clerk of the Salter’s Company. He was knighted in 1769.  Waldo married Catherine Wakefield in 1736 and had one daughter, Jane. Jane inherited the Castle on the death of her father in 1786. By then Jane had married George Medley of Buxted, MP for East Grinstead. Jane outlived her husband and died childless in 1829, aged 91. Her large estate went to her cousin, also named Jane Waldo. When Jane died in Tunbridge Wells in 1841 this branch of the Waldo family became extinct.

The Castle


Uncover the history of the 14th century Castle once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Anne of Cleves, Sir John Fastolf and William Waldorf Astor.


Uncover more about the 12 different families that have owned Hever Castle from 1383 to the present day. See the stained glass created to commemorate them.


Discover the history of Hever Castle, its owners and inhabitants as you travel through time from its construction in 1383 to the present day.


Head inside the Castle and discover wood panelled rooms, roaring fireplaces and a vast collection of paintings.