Summer Jousting Tournament – Royals vs Rebels


13:00 Jousting Field Opens, 
14:00 Arrival of Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn at the Castle
14:15 Jousting Tournament Commences


Jousting is included in the price of admission tickets - book online to save.
£1.50 per seat in stand (approx. 120 seats) - book on the day at the stand.
£2.50 per seat in the Queen's box (4-6 seats) - book on the day at the stand.
Free of charge viewing areas around arena.

Jousting Tournaments

Summer Jousting Tournaments – AUGUST 19 & 20

Witness an extra special jousting tournament on 19 & 20 August with the Royals vs Rebels contest.

Spectators will have the chance to see anti King Henry mercenaries battle it out in a thrilling joust against ‘the establishment’ and witness a medieval living history encampment in the grounds.

Explore the world of Chevalier Noir, his mercenaries and rebel knights. Witness medieval documents being written, hear traditional music played, see dancing and squirm at the medieval punishments and surgical demonstrations.

Watch a thrilling archery shoot out between champions of the longbow, crossbow and musket and get to know the different types of arms and armour throughout the Middle Ages.

Children can hear tales from the era with a story telling session as well as find out what the food on offer at the time was like.

Join the procession from the Castle forecourt as Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn make their way to the Jousting Arena.

Spectators will be treated to exhilarating displays of action, stunts, falls and fights in an authentic arena complete with Royal Box.

Battling it out in the saddle and on foot in one-to-one combat, the valiant knights will compete for points to find this season’s ultimate champion.

Surrounded by award-winning gardens and dating back to the 13th century, historic Hever Castle provides a picturesque setting for a fantastic day of jousting.

Bring a blanket or watch the joust in style from the medieval spectator stands, available for a small cost on a first-come, first-served basis. Then choose which knights you support and cheer them to glory.

Jousting is taking place on the following weekends:
July 15 & 16
July 22 & 23
July 29 & 30
August 12 & 13
August 19 & 20 (Royals vs Rebels)
August 25 – 28

Jousting Tournaments

Always check details before travelling. Hever Castle reserves the right to close all or part of the Castle and grounds and to change or cancel events.

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