New Rose Border Inspired by Poet Emily Dickinson

July 01 2016 | Garden


Don’t miss the new rose shrub border inspired by the work of noted American poet Emily Dickinson. An extension of the original rose shrub border located behind the Festival Theatre, the new area features old fashioned roses that once grew in Dickinson’s garden.

According to Marta McDowell in her book Emily Dickinson’s Gardens, roses were the poet’s favourite flowers and they needed to be hardy in order to survive the cold winters where she lived.

The varieties of rose growing in the new border include: Damask, Greville, Hedgehog, Blush, Cinnamon, Calico and Sweetbrier.

The unusual connection came about through one of Hever Castle’s owners, Mrs Guthrie, who enjoys the poetry of Emily Dickinson and visits America often.

Enjoy the roses in the Hever Castle gardens at the height of their summer beauty during Hever in Bloom, on now until Sunday 3rd July.